NeuroRad for iPad Technical Support

Version 3.1

Frequently Asked Questions


Purchasing & Licensing
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NeuroRad™ is available exclusively on Apple's AppStore for iOS devices.

As with all Apple AppStore purchases, users are entitled to free updates, including both minor and major releases. There may be future products that include all or part of NeuroRad's features, but have significantly different scope or functionality to warrant the creation of a new product line.


System Requirements
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NeuroRad™ is compatible only with the Apple's iPad. It was developed specifically to take advantage of the iPad's large screen to provide a more practical environment than possible with smaller devices such as the iPhone. At present, NeuroRad is for Apple's iOS only.

iOS versions 8 and above are compatible with NeuroRad™. NeuroRad™ version 3.1 has been optimized for 64-bit and iPad Pro compatibility. All iPads running iOS 8 and above are compatible with this free upgrade available from Apple via iTunes.

Neither the Atlas nor Reference sections require an internet connection.

The WebLinks sections does require an active internet connection since, by definition, it contains links to third-party websites and are not locally cached within the NeuroRad™ App. A few support functions, such as live news feeds and online support pages also require an active internet connection. The basic built-in help screens do not require internet access.


Using the NeuroRad App
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The WebLinks section will open the selected website in Safari, the iPad's own web browser. By using Safari, the user will be guarenteed the fastest and best web browsing experience possible. In addition, unique functions available only in Safari wiill be usable, such as saving a bookmark and syncing it to the user's othe iOS devices. A limited browser within the NeuroRad app is used for News section.

When NeuroRad™ opens Safari, the NeuroRad™ app is still running and at the same place you left it. There are two ways to return to the NeurRad™ app:


1. Touch the home button once and reselect the NeuroRad™ icon.

2. Double touch the home button to reveal the multi-tasking app list. Touch on the NeuroRad™ icon to return.


The home button is the single physical button on the face of the iPad.


Your position in the app is unchanged between leaving and returning to the NeuroRad™ app.

If the Reference or WebLinks sections are not responsive, it is likely due to a low memory situation either within the app or on your iPad in general. You can do any of the following solutions to restore full function. It is recommended to start with the first step, and process to the next if it does not correct the problem.


(1) QUIT THE NEURORAD APP: Press the Home button to return to the Home screen. Double-tap the Home button to display recent apps on the bottom of the screen below the dock. If the NeuroRad icon is not displayed, swipe to the left until you see it. Tap and hold the NeuroRad app icon in the list until the red minus appears. Tap the red minus to quit the app. Press the Home button to return to normal interface. Go to the NeuroRad icon then press it to relaunch the app.


(2) RESTART YOUR IPAD: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red "slide to power off" slider appears, and then slide the slider. Once the screen turns completely black, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.


(3) REINSTALL THE APP: Touch and hold the NeuroRad icon until the icons start to wiggle. Tap the "x" in the corner of the NeuroRad icon. Tap Delete to remove the application and all of its data from your device. Press the Home button. Reinstall the app either from iTunes or from the App Store using wifi - the app is too large to download over 3G. You are not charged for redownloading previously purchased items from iTunes when you use the same Apple ID.


Always make sure you have the latest version of the app by checking for updates in the iTunes app on the iPad or on a desktop/laptop computer.


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NeuroRad™ DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE:  The content and software are intended to serve as information resources for a physician or competent health professional performing the consultation or evaluation of a patient and must be interpreted in light of the available indications, contraindications, and other sources of information regarding the patient, only available to such a professional. 

While the application attempts to remain current, health care information changes rapidly and thus the application should not be relied upon as comprehensive or error-free.   RadLynx LLC reserves the right to change its disclaimer or other terms and policies, so users should review these periodically.

The information provided by this or any third party should not be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional.  This application does not constitute an attempt to practice medicine nor does its use establish a doctor-patient relationship.   Individuals should consult a qualified health care provider for medical advice and answers to personal questions.