NeuroRad Release Notes




Recommended for all users.

Full 64 bit compatibility.

Updated for iPad Pro.

Updated Weblinks.


Completely redesigned for iOS 7 and Retina devices.

Featuring an optimized all new user interface while maintaining ease of use, performance and functionality.

High definition imaging are used throughout the app when running on a Retina Display. NeuroRad also supports older iPads running 5.1 and higher and those with standard resolution displays - all functions are totally supported with and performance remains intact.

WebLinks has been updated and many new links are included.


Improved memory management.

Corrected atlas display anomaly.


New MR and CT Cerebral Angiogram multitouch atlases
Revised Cross Sectional and Vascular Territory MRI Brain atlases
Expanded and revised Reference section
Updated Weblinks section
IOS 5 updates
Low glare design for low light environments


Initial release